Real Estate & Property Management

FIRST CONTACT MULTI-PURPOSE CO-OPERATIVE includes a firm of estate surveyors and valuers engaging in the services of assets valuation, real estate development, property rating and administration, real estate investment appraisal, portfolio/asset management, facility management and property portfolio management.

Our firm has long standing industry record of providing cutting edge service delivery in the referenced areas of operation; and we explored time tested and unmatched innovative strategies borne out of corporate research efforts. Our goal is to provide real estate services that reflect our market leadership position and provide direction for our peers in the property market in Nigeria.

The company also engaged the services of qualified professionals with backgrounds in estate management, quantity surveying, law, architecture, and accounting. We have also pooled resources in administration, engineering and other fields – all working together to produce unparalleled synergy for the satisfaction of our diverse clients’ requirements.

From the onset, we set out, determined to symbolize professionalism and standard in the industry with a view to revitalizing the practice of real estate development and management in the country and more importantly, to continuously render peerless services to our clients.

Our practice is pre-eminently driven by teamwork, competence, hardwork, innovations, strong ethics and integrity as our core values/corporate culture.

Our area of specialization is real estate practice summarily encompasses:

  • Asset/Property Valuation
  • Property/Facility Management
  • Property Rating, Assessment and Administration
  • Project Management
  • Auctioneering and Tendering
  • Debt Recovery
  • Real Estate Development/Finance,
  • Property Brokerage and Agency and
  • Other consultancy services.