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Beside the obvious things you should look for in any company you work with (like making sure it’s legitimate),there are many guidelines that you should go by to make sure you are working with a company that is going to provide for you months after year and leave you with a legacy of real wealth that last longer in the industry again such as Futune 5Minute Millionaire Club where you sell NO Product but guarantee great return on your investment with rapid advertising programs if you join at  Bronze, Silver, or Gold level.

The Club has being paying registered member regularly for the past 10years now Try it and give us a feed back. We know that many F5M-MC members are not very good at advertising and promoting their F5M-MC business. Others have joined F5M-MC and saying they are willing to pay for an advertising service where they would have their F5M-MC business advertised automatically for them as they do not have time to promote. F5M-Millionaires Club does all kinds of high quality advertising and purchases lot of advertising for its own use. Some of the advertising that F5M-MC buys is not cheap. Quality advertising is more  expensive but produces better results than spending much money on cheaper sources. From past advertising experience, it is better to buy higher cost, more expensive advertising as it has produced more results in the long run and costing you less than those cheaper sources. As with any kind of advertising there are no guarantees of any kind of results, no matter how much it costs. To make your advertising produce results depends on many factors which lot of new promoters do not know. We at F5M-MC constantly search and test many advertising sources. Once we have performed special tests and the source produces above average (or at least fair) results and passes our approval, we make deals to purchase at larger quantities to get discounts to be able to design this special package for F5M-MC members only. In order for any business to have effective advertising, it needs to be promoted for a certain period of time to get noticed. Short term advertising usually is not very responsive and in most cases does not even produce fair results. If you ever advertised anything in newspapers, your advertising assistant always recommended to take out an ad for at least three insertions or minimum of 30 days. There is a very good reason for that. Internet advertising is not much any different. Those who are successful, they never quit advertising their business. Here you can Sign-Up at our Careers Section.



First, you want to make sure that the company you are working with is stable. There are many “mom and pop” start up companies these days that are run from a kitchen table. They are usually easy to spot-but not always. Make sure to do your research on the background of the company that you are considering.

If it’s doesn’t have at least 3years track record of success, they have no foundation to build on. They are still learning phase and you will be guinea pig in their explanation you don’t want that. one reason our opportunity is so stable we have over 30 year track record of success in the industry –before the advent of internet service.

Fiverr® is the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig®. Whenever you see ‘I will _for $5″, it means the seller is offering a Gig for the fixed price of $5.


Although our home based business is very new, we have been selling products and service successfully since 1986. Check out opportunity you are considering with the better business bureau or any local agencies that can give you information.

The product you are marking will also directly related to stability, we’ve seen successfully companies come crumbling to the ground because of false or improvable claims made about their product, either by the companies or by other representatives. This is especially true of products in the health and wellness industry.  That’s part of the reason we know we have REAL winner with our affiliate products and services that million of people are already using, we are more wide open than most-top level market company in the world. FIRST CONTACT MULTI PURPOSE CO-OPERATIVE  E-STORES is one of them.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program. Publishers have the opportunity to test the links that are available in this offer on their website. It is a 0% offer and no sales/commissions are earned through this offer.


Rakuten Affiliates

Many of our customers and affiliates get their choice of products, where as other more saturated to level marketing company would have already been taken.

Another factor that the affect on the stability of a company is whether it is in debt or has cash in bank. It’s very beneficial to know that you are working with a debt-free company that has plenty of cash available of paying reps, for product development, growth and expansion.

First contact is A DIVISION OF GAFAT  ENTERPRISES LTD incorporated since 1986 and  ranked 50 among 150 giant exporters of products and service by Nigeria in 1988-1999 sees Nigeria West Africa Exporter chat/magazines to date. The company to supply quality products and services in Agriculture and Merchandise  products  world wide.

Does a company offered a product that people can use, and do you know where to find kind of people who can use the products? And is the product renewable? Not a lot needs to be said here, it’s pretty self explanatory. To succeed in network marketing, you must have a product people can use AND you must be able to tap into potential customers. The company offer both free membership paid membership.

How do you promote the product?

First and foremost you must be confident in the product and knows that every thing the company says it is and if you don’t use or like the product yourself you might as well be in another company before you begin.

To successful market any product, your prospect most be able to hear and adopt your own excitement about what you are selling.

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We believe in the best way to market product online is using the combination of automation which explain and presents the product, and our reps who follow up and answer question and tell where and how to signup direct human approach.