Financial Empowerment



We support your already established trading activities with an initial cash benefit of N15,000 – N150,000 or more depending on our evaluation of your trading activities with potential to re-pay the bank within 30 days. Free Interest on loan with N1,050 upgrade fees. Free bank account opening






5Net Club is pushing the frontiers of community financial status quo, widening the horizons of work-life balance and expanding the coverage of the middle class, 5Net Club is daily creating more financially free individuals; consequently increasing the numbers of emerging millionaires. 5Net Club seeks to offer mentorship program and leadership training that can drive the solution for immediate individual socio-economic problems while positioning such individual for a wonderful future.

Our payment solutions allows you to make and accept payments online from other voguepay members or etranzact and visa card holders. Master card holders would be signed up when they want to pay you.