1. After I sign up, how fast can I get started?
  2. Immediately after sign up, Log in and upgrade your account to be a paid member that is the only way to get bonus payments. Then you can go straight and start referring people.
  3. Is there a recurring cost or monthly membership payment?
  4. yes. There is monthly membership payment. Your payment is to purchase the membership
  5. What do I do to Earn in First Contact Multi-Purpose Global Network?
  6. As a free member you are allow to place advertisement for free on our platform – free of charge for products manufacture products only which you are expected to upgrade to paid membership if you like to enjoy more benefit
  7. the first thing you need to do is register and upgrade to Global Co-operative where you can access our entire partner links websites and harnessed it to your desire benefit Once you have done this, you qualify to earn payments (Bonus). The second thing you need to do is encourage and instruct more people to join the program through your member link.
  8. What is Matrix payment?
  9. This is a second and additional plan and a way to earn additional income. To qualify for this, you to sponsor more and more people to the program using our own link. You are entitled to 0.01% of our total earning which is paid automatically to your account when there is sign up.
  10. How many people do I need to sponsor?
  11. You are not under any obligation to sponsor anybody, even though you don’t refer anyone you earn a guaranteed sum of $20 in 180 days you upgrade your account. But if you refer people to the program through your own link you earn 5% of their total income.
  12. How can I pay for multi-purpose global Networks membership?
  13. We accept only Master card, Visa, Serve, Paga, Cheque, and E-wallet. Electronic Transfer
  14. Can I have multiple positions in the system?
  15. Yes you can purchase as much membership that suits your needs. If you purchase more than one position you create a new user or unique ID card to identify that position.