Advertisement Rates

First Contact (products) listed individually or collectively for sales or lease in the website are advertised FREE OF CHARGE. However, company websites advertised on are charged specified fees as described below.


The advertiser’s product banner is displayed on website pages. Visitors clicking on the advertised banner access the advertising company’s complete profile and range of products. The advertising rates for this are given below :

Flat Rate for Digital and Online Promotions Advert Rate @ N1,000 for 125×125 sizes locally.

Quarterly rate: $100      –     250 x 250

Annual rate: $150    –     120 x 120

Annual rate: $250        –     300 x 450


Members who receive our periodic newsletters and alerts via email will view a company’s product banner advertisement. This banner links directly to the advertising company’s website. The advertisement rates are given below:

Quarterly rate: $50      –     250 x 250

Quarterly rate: $100    –     120 x 120

Annual rate: $150        –     300 x 450